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Primary Maths

George Mitchell School Primary Phase Maths

At George Mitchell School Primary Phase, we endeavour to cultivate a love of numeracy in all our pupils, ensuring an excitement and enthusiasm for the subject.

Our Maths curriculum aims to build a strong foundation for the acquisition of mathematical knowledge and skills in later years.  Our curriculum emphasises conceptual understanding, problem solving and reasoning and promotes enjoyment of Maths through its application to real life situations.  We encourage children to share their mathematical thinking, to develop mathematical fluency and to challenge themselves in all lessons.

Our application to introduce Maths Mastery into our school from September 2015 was successful. As a result, Year 1 will start with the role out of Maths Mastery whilst we work with Maths Mastery Consultants to embed our new Maths Approach across our school.

Mathematics Mastery is an innovative maths teaching framework, supporting schools, students and teachers to be successful at maths.

Over 100 UK Primary and Secondary schools have already joined and become Mathematics Mastery partners. Maths Mastery is charity that brings together schools, teachers and pupils who are committed to transforming maths attainment in the UK.


From Year 2 to Year 6 we use Lancashire Grid for Learning Maths to ensure a progressive, broad and challenging Maths Curriculum.

Key Learning in Mathematics - Year 1

Key Learning in Mathematics - Year 2

Key Learning in Mathematics - Year 3

Key Learning in Mathematics - Year 4

Key Learning in Mathematics - Year 5

Key Learning in Mathematics - Year 6

Maths Calculation Policy


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