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International Inspiration

Zanzibar or bust! We have been quite quiet about our next global challenge – as we did fear that at one point it might not happen… but it did!

 GMS Returns to Tanzania, October 2013

After weeks of fundraising, ordering equipment and collecting generous donations and gifts, the ’Tanzania Team’ was ready to set off on their journey to Regeza Mwendo School in Zanzibar. Tom Collier (Curriculum Leader for PE) and PE teachers Vicky Cassettari and Glenn Prime were joined by linguistics expert and MFL teacher Sarah Sawtell on the project, which focused on teaching literacy to pupils by using sport and sporting activities as a means of delivering lessons. The long-term goal of this project is to create ‘Sports Leaders’ who will teach younger pupils the rules of new sports and the literacy needed to participate in them. We know already that they have continued the project and this is very pleasing indeed...

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Zanzibar or bust!

Our first visit to Tanzania, October 2011

We have been quite quiet about our next global challenge – as we did fear that at one point it might not happen… but it did!

Selected by the British Council and The Youth Sports Trust – we are taking part in a project called International Inspiration.  This forms part of the promise made by our government when they were chosen to host the Olympics and Paralympics in London 2012.

What does that actually mean?  It means that we want to inspire young people in London including George Mitchell School (All-Through) and across the globe to use sport as a means to improving skills, build new relationships, following our school motto – More is in Me!

Our school in Zanzibar in Tanzania, East Africa is Regeza Mwendo Secondary School and the Headteacher is Fatma Sleyyum Abeid.  She will be joining us early in December with one of the PE teachers Juma Masoud Ally.  They played host to us early in November showing us their school, meeting with their Governing Body, teachers and students.  It was a wonderful experience and one we will be sharing with our student body shortly – as we are going to be working with them on long term joint plans  - they are truly our partners.  The students and teachers reminded us of the George Mitchell community – friendly, inclusive and genuinely really nice people – a partnership put together by luck, but couldn’t have been more appropriate. 

Zanzibar Classroom
15 – 23 JANUARY 2012
She came, she saw, she conquered..... our hearts.
Madam Fatma visited George Mitchell School to complete the planning for our International Inspirations programme.
She had a very full timetable put together by Ms Tiddy:
shadowing a student whose family originate from Zanzibar, Tanzania
lesson observations
meeting staff and students leading on Student Voice
meeting Learning Leaders
Joining the PE department for some of their lessons – even joining in
Visiting Lammas School and Sports College and Whitefields School in Cricklewood
Joining in an extra-curricular activity – Henna Mehndi 
Discussing Teaching and Learning with Ms Tiddy
Discussing EAL and SEN with Mr Sayid and Mr Mitra
Discussing diet with our dining staff Naz and Grace
And much much more........
She was also able to see a bit of London, travelled on a train for the very first time, ate Chinese and took lots of photographs as a memory of a wonderful trip, and the beginning of a partnership friendship that will last between the two schools, staff and students, for a very long time.
Pictures tell a thousand words.......
Fatma Visit 2 GMS
 A big thanks to NatWest for allowing Ms Tiddy, Madam Fatma and Ms Kirwin to spend Saturday evening at the O2 Arena watching Apassionata, a show underlining the relationships that could be forged between horse and human.
A trip on the final weekend to Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the River Thames, the Millennium Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral and lots of walking heralded the end of a wonderful trip for all of us.  
She has returned to Zanzibar, contacted us to say thank you to everyone and is looking forward to meeting us all again soon.
The programme that both George Mitchell and Regeza Mwendo Secondary School have signed up to will have benefits for both schools, will forge links between the UK and Zanzibar, Tanzania, and help us to understand much more about ourselves by understanding others.