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‘You Said, We Did’ – June 2014 Update
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Travel Issues 
Please could you contact the school (georgemitchell@georgemitchellschool.co.uk) on issues relating to travel to and from school, for example: 

  • Does you son/daughter have issues with public transport if that is their means of coming to school?
  • Are the traffic levels acceptable around the school in Farmer Road, Brewster Road, Crawley Road for the Secondary, Vicarage Road for the Nursery and Byron Road, Burchell Road and Skeltons Lane for the Primary?
  • Is lighting in the local roads sufficient?

    Thank you for your continuing support.
Social networks and George Mitchell School
Although it is never schools' responsibility to monitor social networking systems to look for inappropriate behaviour, it is correct to:
(a) guide the student community in appropriate Internet behaviour
(b) respond to inappropriate behaviour as it is reported to the school
The legal framework surrounding this matter would suggest that parents and students need to consider the following:
(a) Comments parents and students make can be considered as defamation if they lower a person's/school’s reputation. When defamatory comments exist in a permanent form (online viewable by others can be considered as such) then it is libel and may be responded to by the authorities. Forwarding on defamatory comments is itself defamation.
(b) Comments that are perceived by others as being racist, homophobic or intimidating are also illegal and may be responded to by the authorities.
(c) When they comment in a 'public' social networking system it potentially has an impact on the way the general public view the school, and therefore students of the school.
Students should also be very clear that universities and employers can make use of the Internet to make decisions about offers of a place or a job. Information online can be copied easily, often cannot be removed and may influence future decisions. In a 2010 study by Microsoft "70% of surveyed HR workers in the US (41% in the UK) admitted to rejecting a job applicant because of his or her Internet behaviour".

The Waltham Forest Catering School Meals Strategy
The Waltham Forest Catering School Meals Strategy sets out our aims, in partnership with schools, to increase the number of children benefiting from having nutritious school meals. Included in this is finding ways to improve our communications with parents on matters relating to school meals.

This link will provide parents with all types of information on schools meals including how to apply for free school meals. Communicating information on this benefit, particularly in the current economic climate, helps to increase the number of children entitled to free school meals; this will help increase school funding as well.