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At George Mitchell School, we believe firmly in the importance of home-school partnership. Students who do best are those for whom home and school work together to ensure the best possible learning experience - at school AND at home.

Use this area to access  the different subjects taught in the school. Each subject area includes information, resources for staff, students, parents and carers to access.

Full Subject List

English Language; GCSE; OCR
English Literature; GCSE; OCR
Maths; GCSE; Edexcel
Triple Science (triple award); GCSE; OCR
Additional Science (double award); GCSE; OCR
Geography; GCSE; OCR
History; GCSE; Edexcel
Citizenship; GCSE; OCR
ICT; Cambridge National First Award; OCR
Creative iMedia; Cambridge National First Award; OCR
French; GCSE; AQA
French; FCSE (Level 1); AQA
Resistant Materials; GCSE; OCR
Textiles Technology; GCSE; AQA
Drama; GCSE; Edexcel
Music; GCSE; Edexcel
Expressive Arts; GCSE; OCR
Art and Design (Fine Art); GCSE; AQA
Physical Education; GCSE; Edexcel
Business Studies; GCSE; OCR
Economics (Business Studies); GCSE; AQA

Examining Bodies