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Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts

GCSE Expressive Arts is assessed as three units of work; the first unit requires students to develop their ideas in response to the work of set arts practitioners. In the second unit they respond to both practitioners and a set stimulus. In these units they must plan for and produce a cohesive piece of coursework using two linked art forms (students may choose from art, music, drama, creative writing and dance). The final unit of work is externally set and requires students to respond to a community-based commission in which they must work in three linked art forms.

GCSE Expressive Arts

Unit 1: Working in Response to the study of Artworks by Practitioners 30%
Unit 2: Working in Response to a Stimulus 30%
Unit 3: Working in Response to a Commission in a Community Context 40%

Examination body OCR GCSE Expressive Arts

Useful resources

Below is a useful link where you can find further information about Expressive Arts:
OCR GCSE Expressive Arts Specification: http://www.ocr.org.uk/images/82476-specification.pdf