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At George Mitchell, we set ourselves high standards in providing for the education and welfare of your child. We recognise, however, that from time to time parents/carers may have issues or concerns they wish to raise with us and we welcome them doing so. As part of our partnership with parents/carers, members of staff are committed to dealing with matters you raise promptly and with courtesy and I am sure they can expect that parents/carers will treat them in a similar way. Please remember, however, that our staff are busy people and are not always able to respond by return.
What to do if you are not satisfied: 
  • In the first instance, matters should be raised directly with the member of staff concerned (this is likely to be your child's subject teacher, form tutor or class teacher), or with the Curriculum Leader for the subject in question or your child's Learning Leader.
  • You can telephone, write a letter or make a note in your child's diary (secondary).
  • If you still have concerns after this, you are welcome to raise them with the Headteacher.
  • If you wish, the school will arrange for an interpreter to help you in any meetings you may have with school staff. You need to request this in advance.
  • If you are not satisfied with the way the school has dealt with the matter, you can write a letter to the Chair of Governors who can be contacted via the school.
  • The Local Authority operates its own complaints procedures.