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Breakfast Club

This is run from 7.45a.m. to 8.45a.m. each school day morning during term time. There is no charge for children attending. Please ask at the front office for an application form.


When we organise school visits by coach we ensure that each child has an individual seat and that seat belts are fitted to the coaches we hire. Occasionally your child’s class will visit local places during school time, always accompanied by members of staff. When your child starts at the school, you will be asked to sign a blanket permission slip for this type of local visit.

It is the school’s policy that no child should miss any educational activity through an inability to pay. Any contributions that we ask you to make towards the cost of school visits or school activities are voluntary. Without these voluntary contributions, however, it would not be possible to organise many of the visits and activities. Should any parent have difficulty in paying a voluntary contribution for any outing or activity, they are asked to make an appointment with the Head of Primary Phase.

Assemblies/Collective Worship

Assemblies provide valuable time each day for the children to come together to share work and achievements, to mark festivals and celebrations from major world religions, or to listen to stories with a religious or moral element. During these assemblies there is a moment for listening to a prayer or poem, or keeping a time for quiet reflection. The emphasis is on broadening children’s spirituality through their innate sense of awe and wonder and on developing their sense of right and wrong. Parents are invited to their child’s class assembly and will be notified of dates and times via a letter.