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Parent Workshops

We know that our parents want the best for their children and want to understand how to support their children with their learning. In this section we are sharing some of the resources that we use in workshops for parents.

EYFS: Helping Your Child with Phonics

Workshop 1PowerPoint

Workshop 2: Phonics Workshop for Parents and Local Childcare providers

This second phonics workshop aimed to upskill adults' reading and phonics skills in order to support young children.

This workshop was attended by Reception parents and representatives from 8 local Nurseries. All attendees found it extremely useful.

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Year 1: Helping Your Child with Phase 3 Phonics


Healthy Eating Workshop for Nursery Parents

This week, we had a workshop for our Nursery parents to support families with children aged 0-5 to provide the best and healthiest start in life for their children. This workshop was run by a Waltham Forest service called HENRY. During the workshop, parents were advised on how to support their children to develop healthy eating and active lifestyle from a very early age.

Feel free to find more information by visiting the website below:


Curriculum Workshop for Reception parents

Reading and writing notes