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Some testimonials and third-party feedback from a range of George Mitchell associates, guests and visitors.

'Well behaved children, got involved with the presentation and was listening to everything I was saying'

Nick Cambridge - London Fire Brigade

'As always, pleasure to come into George Mitchell and work with the young people and staff.  Thank  you'
Mike Evans - 15billion

'A lovely warm school who cares about all roundness of their pupils'
Angelique - London Fire Brigade

'Great Teachers, lively students – in a good way, great day, thanks for the invite'
Mark Corbett – My Bank – Finance Session

 'The pupils I came into contact with were extremely polite, eager to do well.  A real credit to themselves and your school.  It would be a pleasure to return again! I hope the day helps the pupils'
Kay Banks – Professional Interview Day – Ashton Heating
'Great pupils and passionate staff.  Would return again.  I hope my advice helped the pupils.'
Carlina George – Professional Interview Day – Ascham Homes
'The students I saw were a pleasure'
Annette House – Professional Interview Day – Edinburgh Primary School
'Children have done really well and they should be proud!!'
M. Mohamed – Professional Interview Day – Osbonne
'Excellent, very professional and warm'
Patricia Eiach – Enterprise Day – Actorshop
'Great staff and students – I enjoyed the day! I would love to come back'
Richard Graham, National Anti-Bullying Week – Met Police
'Relaxed atmosphere, friendly enthusiastic staff'
Jane Brueseke – National Anti-Bullying Week – LBWF/YIAG
'Well behaved students.'  
Zahra Iqbal – Skills Workshop – Sir George Monoux College
'Very well organised, helpful staff, lovely Year 7’s.'
Rhiannon Calvin – Careers – MyBank
Andrew Strong – Insight into Industry Day –Stafford Youth 
'Polite and welcoming school plus some very interested students'
Matthew Carter – EBP Careers – Babcock
'Very good, one lovely lad shook my hand and thanked me.'
Janet Colledge – EBP – Outstanding Career
‘As always, pupils behaved well and treated visitors with respect.  I have always enjoyed working in George Mitchell school, the pupils are great!’
Richard Dalton – 15 Billion
‘A really positive school.  This is a school I would describe as ‘easy’, not challenging at all, but engaging and a delight.  A really enjoyable day’.
Keith Gammon – Buzz Road Safety Education
"I have taught in many schools and in my honest humble opinion George Mitchell Schools has excellent teachers and the students reflect this." 
Mo Ahmed (Army Boot Comp Fitness) Fitness Boot camp sessions

"A very organised day from the outset, a thoroughly enjoyable day with smiling, friendly, supportive staff.  The pupils were honest and healthily sceptical.  A positive thing, they have to question things to be successful at conceptual thinking – a necessary attribute for A-level study.  Hope to visit again.  Thank you." 
Paul Engers (Learning Performance Training) Study Skills/Memory Training

"A really nice and relaxed school with polite pupils and staff."  
Silvia Bazzarelli (London School of Capoeira) 

"Positive constructive environment offering space for quality engagement with the students." 
Rachel Roberts (Student Voice) Campaigning Workshop

"Staff brilliant, students, friendly and engaging very organised and wonderful hospitality. Thank you!  Hope to return." 
Rachel Ogilvy (LPT) Study Skills Workshop
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