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Anti-Bullying Conference 2013

On Monday 18th November, FAB students from the Primary Phase went to the Diana Anti-Bullying conference as part of their training. It was at the Britannia Hotel in Canary Wharf.

Fighting Against Bullying  

Anti-Bullying Conference

By Fizzah Ahmad Y6

ON the 18th November, the FAB (Fighting Against Bullying) team went on a trip to an anti-bullying conference. We went at 8.30 am. Every year there is a conference and this year we were invited to go with our two lovely teachers Ms Henderson and Ms Hosang. 

We had a great time and learnt how to stop someone from bullying other people. We went to two workshops; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Our host Alex, introduced us to everyone, and there were lots of other school, and they were in some of the workshops we did.

Fab DancersThe first workshop that I did was public speaking which was marvellous. It was 45 minutes long and then we had lunch. After lunch we got to choose another workshop and I chose Graffiti which was awesome. 

We then had to perform in front of 400 people; although it was scary we did it wonderfully. For Graffiti we had to represent our school so we wrote FAB and inside the letters we wrote Fighting Against Bullying. We will put our Graffiti work up in the school for everyone to see. 

We returned at 5.30pm and we came back in the mini-bus. 


FAB members work with staff to support groups of pupils or students, both the bully and the victim. We hope that you don’t get bullied or you aren’t the bully. If you get bullied you must speak up and tell a teacher or you could inform a FAB member.  We are here to help. 

FAB boys

FAB Conference By Saimah Begum

Monday 18th November 2013

The FAB team went to the Britannia Hotel in Canary Wharf by our school minibus. The reason why we went to the conference is to understand what anti-bullying is and what cyber bullying means. We learnt the different ways you can stop bullying happening.

Our main host was Alex and the difference types of workshops were:

Public Speaking


The two activities I chose were Public speaking and graffiti. In public speaking we made up a dance routine and held up cards which showed how different we all were. The other people in this were Amina Fizzah and Hassan. Then my next activity was Graffiti and most of the FAB team did this and we make an anti-bullying poster with spray paint.

At the end of the day we had to do a questionnaire. There were lots of people on our table and we had to ask them all different types of questions on anti-bullying. 

At the end of the day we got some goodies to take home:

A book
A Facebook t-shirt
Two wrist bands
Two pens
A photo
A torch

Hasan Patel Y6

It was Anti-Bullying week and mostly secondary school students came to the event. Some students came from as far as Scotland!
The Fab team said ‘we are having a lot of fun here, we also get lots of goodies!’. 
A spokesperson from Facebook said that cyber bullying has risen by 63% this year. We also got to ask questions to Childline workers and also a mother of 3.
We had a chance to see a special performance from Anti-bullying ambassadors, Twist and Pulse who are Streetdancers. They were amazing.
Finally, we got a chance to move around by going to the workshops we chose. Some of the workshops were graffiti, rap, dance, public speaking and many more.
At the end we got to present what we learnt from the workshop and to see the highlights of the day. 
Watch a clip of the day: