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FAB Anti-bullying conference

On Monday 17th November, the Y6 FAB team went to an anti-bullying conference at the Emirates Stadium. This in an annual conference organised by the Diana Award Anti-bullying charity (www.diana-award.org.uk/category/antibullying ) set up in the memory of Princess Diana.

Over 400 young people from across southern England came together to share the anti-bullying work they do in their schools and to learn more about bullying. The Y6 pupils, alongside the children, attended two different workshops which helped develop their awareness and knowledge around bullying in a fun and interactive way. The workshops included Public Speaking, dance, Music , creative writing and photography, and whilst the students were doing these, Mrs McLeary and Ms Plaster attended their own teacher workshops focusing on Cyber bullying and also discovering how other schools deal with bullying. At the end of the day, all the students performed what they did in their workshops and we also had performances from some of the celebrities also participated – Bars and Melody and Twist and Pulse from Britain’s Got Talent.

At arsenal sign girls watching train

Girls on stage  Conference table

Mustafa Mahmood Y6

“We went to the Arsenal stadium to examine the meaning of anti-bullying. We met a few celebrities like Bars and Melody and Twist and Pulse who were helping us in the workshops and promoting anti-bullying”

Fatima Mohammed Y6

“I was active and confident and I learnt about anti-bullying and how to stop bullying

Yousef Arif Y6

“The anti-bullying conference answered all my questions like how bullying starts, and what you can do to stop it”

National Anti-bullying week was 17th – 21st November and this year’s theme was ‘No Bystanders’. Both the primary and secondary students had assemblies and class time focussing on bullying and what being a bystander in bullying means. The theme of ‘No Bystanders’ is an important message as it encourages everyone to speak out against bullying if they see or hear it happen. Everyone learnt that we all have a responsibility, both adults and children, to speak out against bullying and report it. It isn’t just the victim who can stop bullying, but people who see it happening to someone else can speak out and stop it too.

If you are being bullied in school there are lots of people you can speak to who will stop it. Talk to your parents or guardian, your class teacher, and any other adult in school you feel able to talk to or speak to a FAB member and they will help you to find an adult you can tell.