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FAB in the playground

FAB in the playground

Ourprimary FAB team are doing a great job with promoting anti-bullying in the playground. Each FAB member has a badge and a yellow tabard to wear when they are on duty so all pupils and staff can locate them in the playground. The FAB team are made up from Y6 pupils who want to help keep George Mitchell a happy and caring place for everyone. They go into the playground and help pupils who may need someone to play with, help sort out minor disagreements between friends and are available if pupils want help if they feel they are being bullied.

Mohammed who is part of FAB says 
"It's a great asset to the school and I get the joy of helping other people and making life easier for them".

Ursula  in Y3 Lion class said 
"They help me, as they care about us and if we fall down they take care of us and take us to the midday assistant".

BinBin who is also in Lion said 
"FAB come to play with people in reception and it's nice".

Well done FAB team, you certainly are FABulous!