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Head Teacher's Question Time 2012 - Student Governing Body

Head Teacher's QuestionTime 2013 


Student Voice at George Mitchell was once again recognised internationally when, on September 8th, four professors from Senshu University in Japan came to the school to meet with representatives from Student Council, MLB and FAB.  Here is what Yukiyo Nishida, one of the professors, had to say about their visit: 

“Thank you so much for you kind hospitality and arrangements. Especially, we understand that it is the busiest time of the year. It was lovely to meet you and talk to you and your students. We are so impressed with everything we saw, heard, and experienced.  Hope we can bring back something to Japan and try to implement Student Voice in Japanese schools.
Kindly say thank you to your lovely colleagues and students, especially tell them how much we enjoyed talking to you!
Thank you again.”

Westminster Education Forum

On November 2nd, George Mitchell School was invited to send a student representative to the Westminster Education Forum to give a talk to an audience of over 100 people (which included Members of Parliament and Head Teachers from schools all across the country) about their experience as an SEN student in a mainstream school. We selected Ahmed Ali to represent us and he did not let us down! Aneta Wolanska from ESSA (English Secondary Schools Association) who accompanied Ahmed to The Royal Society where the event took place had this to say:

“I'm writing to thank you very much for organising Ahmed's participation in the event. Ahmed was absolutely AMAZING!!! He did a wonderful job and the whole audience was totally impressed with his speech!!!! He expressed his positive feelings about the George Mitchell School, talked about the support he gets and very professionally indicated that Special Schools are good for young people with severe SEN who unlike himself need a lot of support on everyday basis. He indicated that he himself is quite independent which fitted perfectly in the theme of the discussion. 

Also, please remember that he spoke in front of the audience consisting of over one hundred people! I managed to take lovely pictures of him sitting among Members of Parliament as well as Head Masters of schools from all over the country! 

The person who spoke right after Ahmed started her speech saying: "There are a few issues I would like to emphasise but I'm not sure whether I will be able to impress the audience after such a wonderful and eloquent speaker" ! During the break, when we headed for tea and cookies lots of people were approaching Ahmed to shake his hand, congratulate him and have a little chat, including MPs, the Westminster Education Forum representatives as well as teachers from other schools. 

George Mitchell must be really proud to have such a talented and articulate student! “

East London Student Leadership Network Meeting

“As a School Council member, on the 10th of November, myself (Princess Bibbon 9G) and some other Student Councillors and MLB Consultants, went to the Central Foundation School for Girls where we met other schools from East London. We look at how we can take people’s ideas from their school and turn them around so peers at our school can see we are trying to make a big difference in our school. The day overall was brilliant. I am glad that I, as a School Councillor, was able to larn a lot of different skills to bring back to our school and I thank Miss Jaeggi for the wonderful day we had. (Princess Bibbon 9G) “The trip to the all girls school was really interesting and I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve learnt how to get other students to recognise what we do in Student Voice. I have found out what other schools do to get other pupils involved in Student Voice.” (Klein Melville 9M, MLB Consultant)

Student Council Spirit Points

The Year 10 and Year 11 Student Councillors are trying something new this year . . . calculating SPIRIT POINTS for the Year 7, 8 and 9 tutor groups!  So far tutor groups have been able to collect points by bringing in food for the Harvest Festival and by answering trivia questions about Hallowe’en, Guy Fawkes Day and Remembrance Day as best they can. At the end of the 1st term, the standings were as follows:

Greetings from your Youth Ambassador!

I am so honoured to be representing George Mitchell School in the Youth Ambassador Scheme. Being part of this scheme gives me a closer look at what is happening for the 2012 Olympic Games. Not only that, we also get to take part in many activities and trips and get to meet other people from other schools in the area. We will have many meetings about the events leading up to the Olympics as well as a couple of tours and visits to the Olympic site.

Noemaan Fahim 10G

Student Parliament Meeting – Head Teacher’s Question Time

The termly Student Parliament Meeting took place on December 13th where selected members of the Student Council met with Ms Jeffery.  This time, the meeting took the form of Head Teacher’s Question Time – a format which we “borrowed” from Prime Minister’s Question Time in which Members of Parliament can ask the Prime Minister questions. The Student Councillors surveyed the student body and compiled a list of questions for Ms Jeffery . . . some of which included . . . Why don’t you provide us with lockers so that we don’t have to carry our bags all day? . . . Are you ever going to change the school uniform? . . . Is there ever going to be a new school? . . . Are you ever going to un-ban mobile phones? Ms Jeffery answered all these questions and more. You’ll be able to see what she said soon . . . the meeting was filmed and will be coming to you in registration and assemblies soon!

Real Talk Communication Training

Since November, ESSA (English Secondary Students’ Association) has been coming in to deliver communication training to some of our Year 7 and Year 8 Student Councillors.  Student Councillor Fatima Jeylani Y8, describes what they’ve been up to in the sessions: “I think the training I am currently doing is important because the skills I am being taught, I am going to need later on in life. So far I’ve been taught that body language and hand gestures can effect the way you present yourself. Also, if you’re having a job interview, always focusing on the bad won’t help and you need to keep an open mind. What we’re doing is fun because we get to learn new skills and have an experience that other people won’t get to have.”

Joint School Council Meeting

On November 3rd, George Mitchell was host to approximately 25 Student Councillors from other schools in the borough as we hosted this term’s Joint School Council Meeting. The main part of the day focused on a visit from the charity War Child and the corresponding citizenship and student voice work arising from many of the issues that they discussed such as human rights and child soldiers. Abdikafi Sheikh Mohamed Y8, Fatima Jeylani Y8, Nauman Hamid Y9, Faazila Ashraf Y9, Flaka Prekazi Y9 and Umar Sharif Y9 attended on behalf of George Mitchell.