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Peer Effect

Peer Effect Project

The Peer Effect project is being funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and has been specifically designed and delivered by Kirsten Aboah from Student Voice UK and the Phoenix Education Trust. 

Here’s a video explaining about Student Voice and you can see some of our students from the Peer Effect project:


The project has been tailored to work with seven secondary schools across the UK and is broken down into three stages. At the end of all three stages there is a chance for all students from the seven hub schools and the neighbouring schools they have delivered training to, to attend a student conference. This will be organised to encourage students to network with each other, discuss their experience of the Peer Effect project and present their campaigns.

There are 28 students taking part in the project from George Mitchell, with the majority being from year 8 and a few from Y9 and 10. 

Workshop 1 Confidence & Communication:

This directly addresses the issues many young people face in connecting with decision makers. It aims to give the students the vital skills needed to perform such tasks with confidence and success. All activities are designed to develop and encourage skills in the following skill sets:



Body Language

Communicating with different target audiences

Understanding communication method styles

Here’s Neha and Aun performing their poem:


Workshop 2 Campaigning

This workshop focuses on changes within the school and local community, but gives students skills that can be applied to campaigns of all sizes. During the day students will learn how the best social change campaigners succeed and gain the skills and confidence to start their own campaigns.

The training focuses on answering the following key questions:

Who campaigns and why do they campaign?

What makes a successful campaign?

How to plan and run a successful campaign project

How to work as a team to develop and deliver a campaign

How to make a positive contribution to your school and local community

Here is some of the campaign material made for Stop Animal Cruelty

Workshop 3 Peer Training

This training gives students the skills they need to train others and become student mentors. The Peer Training workshop further builds on teamwork and communication, however, its principal aim is to train the participating student so that they are able to deliver the training they have received to other students and people in their community. This is with the objective of the participating students themselves becoming mentors.

Skills developed include:

Public speaking

Ability to educate others

Increased sense of responsibility

Confidence in speaking to groups of students

We are nearing the end of the initial training and are planning to venture into our neighbouring primary schools this academic year. We’ll keep you updated ☺