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Do you Spend or Save your Cash?

CBBC's Newsround team came to school to ask the students some questions...

Do you have a bank account where you save up your pennies, or do you just keep it in a piggy bank at home?

Maybe you don't save it anywhere and you just spend it all at once as soon as you get it?

CBBC's Newsround team came into school to ask some of our students these questions for a special segment that aired on National TV on November 24th. Being one of the few schools in the country to have a school bank, Newsround was interested to learn about our students' spending and saving habits.  Some of our students with school bank accounts, were interviewed by Newsround reporter Hayley about what they spend their money on, how much they save and how much pocket money they earn a week. (Did you know that the average child in the UK gets £8 of pocket money per week?). Hayley also took the cameraman up to our school bank where some other students showed them how they use a paying-in slip to deposit their money. Well done to our school savers and budding TV stars!

Christine Jaeggi