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iMedia Best Results EVER!

This year's Year 11s have completed the highest award possible in iMedia and become the first year group to achieve the full iMedia Diploma – equivalent to 3 x B-grade GCSEs.

Despite a last minute panic regarding the number of units required to reach the Diploma, Year 11s battled through adversity to gain the impressive iMedia Diploma. The new syllabus in place this year means students get the opportunity to complete an additional three units and gain an equivalent GCSE. The entire group achieved the Diploma meaning a class of 25 students have gained 75 equivalent B-grade GCSEs.

Despite OCR moving the goal posts, and insisting on an additional and unexpected eighth unit, the whole class refused to give up and kept pushing right up until their leaving day. In the end, all students completed and passed all eight units.

This is a massive achievement for all the students involved – they should be incredibly proud of themselves, I know I am.

When done Year 11 – you deserve it.

The following students are the first students in the borough gain the full Diploma under the new Creative iMedia syllabus:

Iqra Ahmed
Ahmed Ali
Rita Bolanle
Claudio De Sousa
Abbie DODD
Kadar Hassan
Musadaq Hussain
Khalid Ismail
Reanne Johnson
Anastasiya Kravcenko
Sophia Lawrence
Lucian Leitch
Abubakar Mohamed
Sohaib Moussouni
Nahida Rahman
Sarah Saleh
Abubakar Sharif
Nahinalom Siddique
Ozlem Simsek
Igor Spinola
Karina Vilkaite