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iMedia Results- 100%

The first set of iMedia results are back, and Mr. Watson and Mrs. Ali are extremely proud to say that they have not been a disappointment! After 2 years of ups, downs and a LOT of HARD work, the year 11s were the first to leave with a full diploma, worth 2 GCSE’s under their belts, before they even sat their first exam!

EVERY student, that’s 100% of the group, managed to achieve their full iMedia Diploma. The diploma consists of a range of units including:

Digital Graphics & Photography
Web Design
Digital Sound and
Digital Video

To achieve a certificate (half-award) the students must complete and pass 3 units, and to achieve the full diploma students must pass all 5. After a few close calls, ALL students managed to pass ALL units, gaining themselves a full iMedia Diploma.

Congratulations to all of the Year 11 iMedia group, you should be very proud of yourselves- I know I am. Well done!!!!

With the current Year 10 iMedia group, predicted a 100% pass rate, and next years’ class fully booked already, the iMedia Diploma is going from strength to strength!!!