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Imperial College Science Festival

On the 21st January 2010 15 of our students attended a Science Festival organised by and at Imperial college.

The Festival involved students working in teams with pupils from other Waltham Forest schools to solve practical scientific problems.The event required ingenuity and patience in order to complete a series of challenges.

Each team worked with a mentor from Imperial College of science and technology, one of the country's leading Universities.

"On Thursday my friend and I went on a Science trip.The best part of the trip was when we had to extract DNA from a strawberry.We also tested Acid and Alkaline.We also learnt how to demonstrate how humans can conduct enough electricity to produce sound energy."

Julius Harris 9m.

"The science trip was really good. We went to Imperial College.

We  made a Kaleidoscope from holographic paper and A plastic cup.We Put holes in the cup to create a light spectrum.
We also built a bridge made from paper and brown tape to test the strength of the bridge.
Julian Kisselevits 9g

"I went to a science festival trip and it was fun.We did experiments and engineering.All of the experiments were fun. The trip was in Imperial College. They provided us with some lunch.We got a £3.50 voucher, and there was other schools from Leyton."
Sidra Tariq 9w