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It's 1st October 2009, It's George Mitchell, Years 7 to 10 Activities Day!

As part of the continuous programme of Curriculum Liberation Days, the first of the year came upon us very quickly! Would the weather be good? Would all the coaches turn up? Would the packed lunches be ready in time for the early start? Of course they would... and they did!

Year 7

Soccer School, Archery and Skateboarding

The students were put into groups by Ms Khan, their Learning Leader and along with 14 of their friends joined a member of staff to experience a Soccer School and either a session of Archery or Skateboarding.

We welcomed a colleague from Norlington School to deliver the Archery sessions, a member of Rubicon Skateboarding and to All Sports in Schools - who delivered the Soccer Camp.

Some comments:

'Drop Day was magnificent, especially when we did football for most of the day and archery. I scored two goals on that day. That was the best activity day ever, even though the next day I woke up with pains!'

'It was fun and I liked it so much that I want it to happen all the time!'

The students either did Archery or Skateboarding and they would have liked to have done both - something to plan for, for next time.

GMS activities day 03

Year 8

Multisports at SCORE

Year 8 students met at SCORE (with the programme leader Phil Rudling commenting how prompt and polite the students were - and later to say one of the best groups of students that the instructors had worked with in a very long time ...)

What did they do?

'We went to SCORE, and did 5 activities, football, basketball, hockey, volleyball and handball. It was a fun day and if you go there you will enjoy it too!'

'As we are well aware of nowadays, taking part in exercise five times a week is important. What better way to boost our sporting confidence and our fitness than to spend hours usually dedicated to academic studies for a heavy dose of fun, laughter and fitness? We were given the chance to flaunt the skills we have learnt in PE over the past two years. Whether it be football, basketball, volleyball or hockey, it was a memorable experience for everyone who took part.'

 GMS activities day 04

Year 9

Ice Skating

Every year this has been a popular activity and I can understand why ... and right on our doorstep ....

The students met Ms Chambers and her team of staff at the rink, ready and able to show what they could do on the ice. Were there any budding Torvill and Dean's (come on you must have seen Skating on Ice?!). The answer ... No. Well done to Ms Jaeggi the bravest member of staff who took to the ice and took photographs as well.

'It brought everyone closer together even though you might not be friends in school, you all helped each other.'

'It was good and we should do something like that together again.'


Year 10

Stubbers Adventure Centre

An early start and a fair journey to get there, but everything was put in place for a fantastic day for the Year 10 students. Activities included Climbing, Abseiling and Team Challenge. Were they up to it? The pictures tell the story!
GMS Activities day starts
GMS Activities day starts
GMS Activities day starts
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GMS Activities day 02
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