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Keeping one eye on the weather!

Now at the start of its third full year, the George Mitchell weather station is helping students to monitor and learn more about the weather in Leyton

Situated on the gym roof the weather station collects weather data and sends it remotely to the computer in the main Geography classroom. Although we still only have two full years worth of data it is possible now to see interesting weather events on a day to day basis.

Last year certainly wasn’t going to set any temperature records with only one day (29th June) achieving a temperature of over 30°c. So much for the barbeque Summer we were all promised! That said August was easily the driest month of the year with a paltry 12.2mm of rainfall spread over just 9 days. Most months record between 25mm and 80mm of rainfall.

The main theme of the weather last year was the rain. Nothing was to prepare us for November, the wettest month recorded by the weather station since it went online in December 2007. A staggering 224.5mm of rain fell that month, spread over an incredible 25 days! This accounted for nearly 31% of the annual rainfall. To put that into context the next wettest month was December with 82mm of rain.

If that was not enough to dampen the spirits, on the 15th September another record was broken for the largest daily amount to fall. More than 50mm fell in one day, which is more than in most months. In fact the totals for 8 separate months of the year were dryer than that one day! It came in the form of an almost tropical style deluge on the evening of the 15th at about 9pm, luckily for most we were safe and dry at home.

It is of course difficult to draw conclusions from just a couple of year’s worth of data. Though after three or so disappointing Summers we are due a long, hot dry spell. I wouldn’t discount it happening this year, it is always a possibility, but my suggestion is, as always, to bring a brolly as it looks like rain!

All weather data collected by George Mitchell Weather station.

Data analysis by Mr Hamlin