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Phew what a mouthful, and what a mouth-watering day was in store!  From Reception to Year 11, something out of the ordinary was happening!

Who and what was happening at the Primary site?

  • The Puzzle Company
  • Punch and Judy
  • Magician
  • Chef from Waltham Forest College - Smoothies
  • Mr Dula – Singing
  • Circus Skills
  • Ice Skating (on rollers)
  • Board Games
  • Finger puppets

Were we going to have fun?  Yes we were!  Were we going to learn?  Yes we were!

Both staff and pupils said how much fun they had – a great atmosphere and a great day – we want more!

Who and what was happening at the Secondary site?

Year 7 got involved in a Murder Mystery (who killed Mrs Jeffery) … and for the fourth year running Mrs Jeffery spent the day away from Year 7 or when bumping into them in the corridor told them that in fact she was Mrs Jeffery’s sister!

From lots of information and disinformation saw the tutor groups, by the end of session 5, coming up with who did the deed and how it could have happened.

What did they have to go on or produce?

  • 8 members of staff were suspects with reasons as to why they might have been guilty
  • Interviews that had taken place by the investigating officers
  • Forensic evidence (with the help of a real live Forensics Officer – thanks to Charlie Ward) such as fingerprints, handwriting, fibres left at the scene of the crime
  • Information from the Maths department as to the suspects had the time to go to the scene of the crime and back again
  • A front page article for the local paper – deadly deed at George Mitchell School!

The students worked really hard on this task, had a lot of fun and it was certainly very different from their every day curriculum.

A big thank you for organising this must go to Ms Engelbrecht.

The students really enjoyed it – smiled the whole day, another successful drop day completed.

Finally who was it?  Mr Mitra stand up and be counted!!!!!

Well done to Jack Clark who gained the prize of a Cluedo game for his hard work in the Forensics laboratory, and to Paige Norman who won for her exciting newspaper article.  The team effort went to 7W.  Well done everyone.

Year 8 alongside Year 6 students learned lots of new skills.  In groups of approximately 15 with a member of staff, worked their way round 5 different activities ranging from:

  • Skateboarding to Circus Skills
  • Card making to Mouse mats
  • Theatrical make-up to Hair and Beauty
  • Theatre company presentation to Stackers
  • Boxercise to Steel pans

A massive thank you to all our guests who supported us on the day – lots of smiling Year 8’s and exhausted members of staff.

Year 9 had to really focus.  Teams of 6 launching a new biscuit into the market place, providing the biscuits themselves, publicity material including t-shirts, some packaging, a cutter for making your own – could all of this be done in one day?  Well they had a good go.   There had been some planning time in tutorials during the week, but today was the day!!!

The teams were split up into:

Project Manager (the only member of the team allowed to move around the school)
Publicity Managers x 2
Manufacturing Manager
Technology Manager
Catering Manage

On the day some Project Managers not only had to co-ordinate the team but had to take over one of the roles as a member of their team was absent from school,  that’s what happens in the real world!

Much movement by the Project Managers, lots of hard work from the teams and staff supporting them led to a Session 5 where the teams showed their final products and judged on how they had worked during the day and what the final outcome was.

A big thank you must go to the Technology Department who managed the processes that led to such a successful day.  Everyone a winner!

Year 10 looked very Business-like in their outfits; some very fine gentlemen in suits, ladies in their finery … would these clothes match their work ethic?

The Education Business Partnership set the students a Business Challenge and in companies of 10 had to set themselves up and devise a product or products from recycled items.  They had to:

  • Produce a Business Plan
  • From a budget purchase supplies
  • Produce a financial statement
  • Produce a sales pitch for their final product(s)
  • Design a prototype
  • Design an eye-catching display
  • Produce flyers

A busy day ahead!!!!  Creative juices were flowing, deadlines were given, some met and some not – those not met were given fines, so their budgets dwindled.  By session 5 they needed to be ready to show off what they had achieved to a panel of judges, so they moved to the top hall and waited their turn.  A flurry of activity, lots of persuasion, lots of head scratching and a result was reached.

“and the winners are ……… Kawhaii ……….”

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