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“Voicing voices for tomorrow’s achievers” – that is how the London Learners’ Council was described in our last meeting...

The Young, Gifted and Talented people of today are said to be the successful, well – rounded and independent people of tomorrow. There are roughly 820,000 identified young people in mainstream primary and secondary schools in England and Wales who are distinguished as Gifted and Talented. The purpose of the Council is open doors to success and to offer opportunities for Young, Gifted and Talented people across London.

The council is run by a small group of dedicated young people from across the capital who were hand – picked by other members of the YG & T scheme in our launch last October. The diverse “melting pot” of different religions, cultures and ethnic backgrounds enable us to create enough “elbowroom” to provide a voice for almost everyone privileged to be Gifted and Talented in London.

Our roles in the Council are to campaign for the redefinition of the standards a Gifted and Talented young person should expect to receive from their school and local and national government. Our opinions are challenged; are views are respected and listened to for the sake of changing future generations of Young, Gifted and Talented. Tomorrow isn’t today, but tomorrow wouldn’t be possible without the unity and leadership of now.

To find out more information about the London Learners’ Council, please visit our website at http://www.qmul.ac.uk/londonexcellencehub/learner. The page is currently under construction, so information may constantly change over the makeover period.

Taliha Gazi

LLC in Cambridge