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Magistrates’ Court

On July 8th 2011 Miss Chambers took a group of year 8 students to Waltham Forest Magistrates Court to learn more about how the law works for young people as part of their Citizenship education at George Mitchell School.

Students got to watch a real youth offending court case in action, which gave them an insight into how a magistrates court works, what it is that a magistrate does and how the defence and prosecution put forward their arguments.

Students also met some of the people who work in the court and toured all of the building, so they could have a good understanding of one of the integral parts of the Waltham Forest judicial process.

One student said:

The trip to the magistrates’ court was amazing!

One of the reasons is that I got to see a real life court situation and it made me realise not to get involved in bad situation because it could lead to serious complication. Also, something so little could lead you to prison.

The other reason is that only the chairman can speak in court beside the other three judges; without this order, there would be commotion in the high court.

Felicia Ellis, 8M