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Moving Generation project

Thursday 28th January 2010, Mr Calitz took me and Noemaan to The Deutche bank to discuss and plan about our future project called Moving Generation.

Eventually we will be letting you know about our exciting project, we are determined  about our project, we gave a decision to start skateboarding in our school, we will get founding by the Deutche bank  for support.

We were really inspired by a athlete called Tim Prendergast, also Mike Mullen which was a uk bmx world champion. Me and Noemaan are hoping for success, we thought we can make a perfect club with teamwork.

Lammas, Buxton, Leytonstone and George Mitchell attended  to the meeting which we discussed our starting point and all schools were motivated by Matt  and a gentle men.

Very soon we will be going round the school and advertising  our project also making surveys to get your own opinions about skateboarding and so on. We are hoping to have positive feedback from George Mitchell .

Nafiya Horozoglu 9w

Moving Generations