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Natwest visit GMS

January 10-14th, 2010

For the week beginning January 10th, the Business Studies Department welcomed back Ruth Sullivan, a representative from Natwest Bank and honorary member of the department.  A long-time partner of the school, Ruth gave the Business Studies students a bit of a break from their normal lessons and enlightened them on the importance of and some interesting facts about Finance.  The Year 8s got to practise using an ATM and found out what all the different symbols on their debit cards are for; with the Year 9s, Ruth discussed fraud and being safe when purchasing things online; the Year 10 & 11 Business Studies students learned about the effect of the increase in VAT and the price of oil will have on them and businesses; and the Year 11 Economics students received some very valuable information about saving and borrowing options which will help them in their January exam. The Business Studies Department would like to thank Ruth once again for coming to share her knowledge with us and her continued support of the school.
The Business Studies Department

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