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Plastic Fantastic!

Where you see rubbish, Year 3 see opportunities...

Where you see rubbish, Year 3 see opportunities...                   

Thousands of plastic bags are used and then thrown away every day in the UK, needlessly filling up landfill sites when they could be reused or recycled. Primary phase pupils at George Mitchell School (All – Through) have been doing their bit in Design and Technology lessons to save the world and solve the plastic waste problem , turning the plastic bags that they collected into beautiful and useful pencil cases.

First the students layered up old plastic bags and then fused them together using heat, transforming the bags into attractive pieces of fabric. Abadhe Ahmed (Year 3) said, ' To make the pencil cases, we had to melt lots of plastic bags together. It was amazing!'

This fabric was then cut and sewn, using sewing machines, to make pencil cases. Shannon Huggins (Year 3) commented, 'I liked learning how to cut and measure carefully.' 

 The results were stunning and now every primary phase Year 3 pupil has a unique product that they made themselves, and can be proud of. Vanesa Balogova (year 3) said, 'I really enjoyed making my pencil case. My favourite part was when we started adding special detail, like our names or shapes.'