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School Stomp

Well done George Mitchell Stompers.  We received this letter of thanks from Health Poverty Action.  Thank you for your very hard work.

Please do pass on our enormous thanks to your amazing students who participated. I am so grateful that the whole school got fully behind the stomp and that students braved the weather and put their fitness to the test. I hope the students enjoyed doing an activity to improve their health whilst raising money to improve the health of other children around the world.

Please do thank all the students who stomped, ran, walked, donated and even baked yummy goodies to raise funds for Health Poverty Action. A special thank you, to the kid who ran around the field 11 times- so impressive! You all did a phenomenal job.

As a charity we work on all issues surrounding Health and Poverty at the same time. The poorer you are the worse your health is, the worse your health becomes the poorer you become. It’s a vicious trap and some of the problems faced by the communities we work with are pretty complex and need comprehensive, long term work to overcome.

Please see below some of the ways your £292.49 could be spent to help make a difference:

£30 could enable local health workers to vaccinate 60 students through their immunisation services in rural Ethiopia

£60 could support a local mobile health clinic for 4 months to make it possible for people in remote parts of Ethiopia have access to maternal and child health services

£100 could help communities strengthen their homes against the impact of natural disasters in places like Laos, where they experience floods, typhoons, droughts and landslides every year which devastates crops, homes and health

£100 could stock a local clinic with life-saving drugs and supplies for a week, for communities who would otherwise have no access to healthcare. 

Here is the article where we thanked you on our website publically for your help: http://www.healthpovertyaction.org/support-our-work/get-involved/schools/schoolstomp/successful-stomps/


 stomp 2 stomp

 stomp 3 school stomp