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The Big Blue Fence

Year 4 project about the transformation of Leyton.

On Wednesday 27th January 2010 we finally saw the fruits of our labour on a big screen at Walthamstow Central outside the Library. We, the Year 4 class, from George Mitchell All Through Primary Phase worked extremely hard for 6 weeks on a project called “The Big Blue Fence”. The project was all about the transformation of our local area. We started by looking at what Leyton looked like many years ago and how it’s changed to become the Leyton we know today.
“The Trees are Still Standing”, the title of our project, was based on exploring the urban and rural landscapes of Waltham Forest through a variety of walks and investigations of natural materials in Epping Forest. Having investigated and talked about the things we saw, we then used all our ideas to inspire our poetic imaginations and compose our own poems. We were filmed reciting our poems which were shared via the Shoreditch-based company Immediate Theatre in the local newspaper and on the internet.
You can view the fantastic work by Ms Groenewald and the Year 4 class on the link below.