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Statement by Waltham Forest Catering on the recent press coverage on pork DNA found in halal poultry sausages in a Westminster School

Waltham Forest Catering is committed to ensuring that our school meals are provided to the highest possible standards. Virtually all our dishes are prepared from raw products by our skilled school cooks; sausages are the only processed meat product used as a main meal dish.

 Waltham Forest Catering holds the Food for Life Bronze Catering Mark Award. All meat on Food for Life Catering Mark menus must be farm assured, meaning it is traceable back to the farm. Menus are independently verified by the Soil Association on an annual basis.

Further to recent concerns raised in the press regarding the presence of pork DNA found in halal poultry sausages at a Westminster school, we wish to advise you that we do not use the same meat supplier. Waltham Forest Catering’s meat supplier is William White Meats Ltd, and they source their halal poultry and lamb sausages from a company called Penny Lane Meats Ltd.

William White’s has provided assurance that from their product testing, there has been no pork detected in any of the halal sausages supplied to them by Penny Lane Meats Ltd. Independent testing carried out by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, who use the same meat supplier as Waltham Forest Catering, also confirmed no trace of pork in halal poultry or lamb sausages supplied by Penny Lane Meats Ltd.

Parents are rightfully very concerned about the quality of meat used in their children’s school meals. Parents can be assured that all the meat we use in our dishes is as stated, i.e. beef, chicken, etc. The halal meat that we use is HFA certified and is prepared and stored by our meat supplier in a separated area. Mince is prepared by our meat supplier from farm assured meat. 

If there are any further queries in respect of this information please contact either Martin Jordan, Catering Business Support Manager, on 0208496 8268 or Christine Cornall, Catering Operational Manager, on 0208496 8264.

Linda Woods

Head of Catering Services

 Martin Jordan

Catering Business Manager
Catering Department
1st Floor, Unit 7
Silver Birch House
Uplands Business Park
Blackhorse Lane
London E17 5SD


Jane Lewingdon or Julie Patient 020849608265/8263