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Year 8 Enterprise Fair

The Year 8 Enterprise Fair which took place on July 9th in the Top Hall, once again did a great job at showcasing the work undertaken by our Year 8 “Businesses” during the previous 10 weeks.

Upon returning from the Easter holidays, students put themselves into businesses, each business was eligible to receive a £10 start-up loan and then off they went . . . buying, selling, advertising and probably most enjoyable, counting their profits!


Any money that they earned over and above their £10 loan was theirs to keep! As well as their wallets being a bit heavier, some important business lessons were learnt as well . . .

"It is hard to work with other people, but if you compromise with them you can have a great time."   (Hajrah 8A)

"Money can cause conflict and turn people into monsters." (Anonymous 8A)

"Pricing was the biggest business lesson that I have learnt doing this project."
First Choice - Best Salespersonship
We had to buy stock and sell it to people as cheap as possible and still make enough profit."   (Sarah 8B)

"Whatever you sell must have a Unique Selling Point otherwise it won't be a good selling product."   (Ali 8D)

And although most businesses did a fantastic job at the Enterprise Fair, the winners were . . .

  • Most Original Business Idea: Mini Mart
  • Best Teamwork: Sparkly
  • Best Display: Slusherz / KISS
  • Best Salespersonship: First Choice
  • Most Accurate Accounting: Empire
KISS - best display