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Maths; GCSE; Edexcel

MyMaths: This website is designed for all KS3 and KS4 students. All teachers set their classes homework for students to complete online at home. Students can also use the extensive range of animated lessons to revise from or even extend their learning in their spare time.

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Year 10:
Using & applying number & algebra; Number & the number system; Calculations
(mental method & written methods); Equations, formulae & identities; Sequence
functions & graphs; Using & applying space, shape & measure; Geometrical
reasoning; Transformations & coordinates; Measures & constructions; Using
applying handling data; Collecting data; Processing & representing data; functional Maths; Interpreting & discussing data; Measures & construction; Specifying the problem & planning.

Year 11:
Number & the number system; Solving numerical problems; Equations, formulae
& identities; Sequences, functions & graphs; Geometrical reasoning
Transformation & coordinates; Measures & constructions; Collecting data; Functional Maths; Processing & representing data; Interpreting & discussing data.

Exam board: Edexcel

Text books for KS4: Edexcel Maths A Linear higher and Foundation.

George Osei-Frimpong; Curriculum leader for Maths: 
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