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Curriculum at KS3

Years 7 & 8 study topics ranging from Ecology to Space on a monthly rotation. The focus of teaching is on the acquisition of key skills known as ‘How Science Works’ alongside knowledge and content. Students are provided with Ladder sheets which contain information on the objectives for each topic, and homework task sheets for topics in which each week they are expected to submit a piece of either creative, skill, or knowledge based work. The final week’s homework is a revision exercise in preparation for their end of unit assessment. To ensure assessment is both rigorous and focused on supporting student progression, students undertake a range of assessments, in addition to their end of unit assessment, within each topic.

Students are supported in their learning through the department’s lunch time Science club every Wednesday. There are many excellent websites students can access to deep their knowledge of science including BBC bitesize.

Curriculum at KS4

GCSE Science starts in year 9. Most students follow a Combined Science curriculum which leads to a GCSE in Science and a second GCSE in Additional Science. Most students will sit all of their exams at the end of year 11. We also have a group of students in year 10 and  11 who are studying for separate GCSE’s in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Students are supported in their study of GCSE Science through topic target sheets, outlining objectives as well as topic homework tasks and through websites like BBC bitesize and the Edexcel website where students can access past papers and mark schemes.

Examination body

Most Year 11 students will complete their Core and Additional Science GCSEs with Edexcel in June 2017.

The Year 11 triple science group having already completed their Chemistry GCSE and will take their Biology and Physics exams in June 2017; also through the Edexcel exam board.

Useful resources

GCSE Revision guides are available to purchase from the Science Department at a cost of £3.00

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